An archived forum discussion about eBay Motors vehicle dispute arbitration. A lot of us early eBay members wanted to help smooth the bumpy road so to speak, but eBay was not interested.

I Thought This Was A Good Idea.. Or at least a good start anyway :)

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Arbitration Panel For Vehicle Sale Complaints
docsqualitycars (183) (view author's auctions)
06/13/04 07:41 PM 
I was just thinking about an arbitration panel for handling some of these vehicle complaints.

In the event of a Buyer or Seller either unhappy about a vehicle transaction, before negative feedback can be left an arbitration process is required.

First forget about square trade, They know nothing about vehicles. A panel of automotive professionals such as myself would gather evidence of the claim and make a decision on the complaint.

This way eBay would actually be providing a worthwild service to the community!

Just an idea.. what do you all think?


65mustang271 (56) (view author's auctions)
06/13/04 07:44 PM(#1 of 26) 
I like it ,but since it makes sense, and would actually benefit their members,we probably don't stand a chance....but it sure would start to help restore credibility to the ebay motors site,wouldn't it??

docsqualitycars (183) (view author's auctions)
06/13/04 07:54 PM(#2 of 26) 
I think it would work well. It would prevent deadbeats from leaving unjust negative feedback and help the legitamate problems be worked out in a gentelman like manner.

Sorry for the double post, a cell tower must have went down i lost the connection right at clicking the post button.


65mustang271 (56) (view author's auctions)
06/13/04 08:04 PM(#3 of 26) 
It would surely add a realm of "business like manner" to the site.Not to mention it just make s good common sense to have something like it...

lonjack3 (173) (view author's auctions)
06/13/04 08:24 PM(#4 of 26) 
Probably be a good idea if both buyer and seller agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator as to who can leave fb and if it can be neg, neutral or positive.

Having never experienced square trade, how would this differ other than the actual arbitrator?

rs69cam777 (229) (view author's auctions)
06/13/04 09:18 PM(#5 of 26) 
Well it's a start, and maybe branch out like ways to hit the old pocket book for NPB's,

Back to your Idea- You maybe on your P.C. 24/7 with all the complaining

witch_is_me (696) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 12:30 AM(#6 of 26) 
Doc I'll take late night shifts if you ever get them to agree. Until then I'll just be playing solitare until exhaustion takes over. Can't sleep tonight and bored out of my mind.

rapparts (1141) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 03:01 AM(#7 of 26) 

Volunteer Motors Arbitration Panel run by professionals! What a fantastic idea! As lonjack said, both parties would have to agree to the decision, in order to make this work.

How would "on site" inspections be handled? I would think in many cases -- "the proof is in the pudding" would have to apply - and a third party would have to view the car/truck/whatever...

Maybe even have a separate discussion board, and rather than being "pinks" -- the panel could be made up of "blues," or something... and the resolution/discusssion is posted on the "MOTORS DISPUTE RESOLUTION BOARD" for comments/advice/opinion.

Of course, the participating members would have to behave properly and not resort to some war of the words, as we've seen! It should be very professional, to say the least -- an online PBS Car Talk!! LOL

It brings to mind "BOBAL," who started out giving ebay members invaluable advice on HTML, photos...etc., and has really created an entire world/lifestyle for himself, both on and off Ebay. I don't know if he gets paid at all, but he certainly works hard helping so many people.

I could definitely see you organizing something like that --

Of course, ebay may decide the idea is a good way for THEM to make some extra $$ on this (hey, the price of fuel is going up all over the place)...and turn it into something that will immediately fail...

Maybe some other members can put their heads together with you...and work this out.


danegeld (346) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 04:11 AM(#8 of 26) 
Its a great idea but people will say the pannel is biased if its mostly made up of dealers toward the sellers.

also inorder to truely work you would have to be sactioned by Ebay which for Liability reasons likly will not do so.

Finaly It likly would require that a physical inspection of the vechicle was made thus someone would need to be in the genral area.

rapparts (1141) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 04:45 AM(#9 of 26) 
dane: I agree -- there must be some way to physically inspect the car!

On the "biased" end -- the "panel" need not be exclusively car dealers! Sometimes, the dispute is about misunderstanding...where "logic" rather than "technology" prevails. Many of the people who contribute to this board have bought cars on ebay, and there are also members who buy/sell other motors-related items other than cars. A "mixed bag" approach might be the way!

DOC: Let's see your proposal!!

docsqualitycars (183) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 11:03 AM(#10 of 26) 
Well... Depending on the complaint an inspection might be needed.

If eBay can set something up with CarChex or other Reputable mobile inspection company to get a discount inspection rate, and if the seller would agree to cover half of the cost & eBay could cover half as well.

Of course there are small towns and remote locations where this could be a problem.

Unfortunatly probably no two claims will be the same so some better listing guidelines must be required. A checklist of known possible defects both cosmetic and mechanical. A selection box

Engine: No Problems: runs smooth, no miss or smoke, no noticable fluid leaks [X]
Needs Minor Attention, Tune up etc [ }
Major Fault or Not Running [ ]

Transmission: No Known Problems: shifts good through all ranges, reverse ok, no noticible fluid leaks, etc [X]
Needs Minor Attention: Fluid leaks, computer control problems, [ ]
Major Fault: no reverse or forward gear, major fluid leak, will not shift when cold, etc [ ]

And so on for the rest of the druve train, body and interior.

It is just to generic right now when listing. But i guess that would be a start


rapparts (1141) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 12:05 PM(#11 of 26) 

A checklist would make sense, and it would provide a more definitive description: YES or NO answers, no BS. Like minds thing alike... This is something I've brought up to Ebay a number of times, and probably just put in the "circular file" along with all our other important requests! The check-off list would require re-designing the Motors sell form...thereby, causing havoc -- especially if they were required to do it correctly!

Too bad -- there are a lot of great ideas on these boards, if only someone would listen.

My feeling is that the reason the scams and scammers and deadbeats aren't dealt with more severely is because Ebay would lose $$ if those listings were lost.

Oh well -- maybe we can push for a MOTORS ARBITRATION discussion board, and somehow get the word out for buyers/sellers to voice their complaints there!

danegeld (346) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 12:07 PM(#12 of 26) 
would be a start but you know people would say i dindt know this or that.....

maybe have it where you could have the car certifed if a 2nd party has already cheack the car out

{} inspected by...pepboys...Mr GooD wrench....someone
{} no known problems
{} minor problem
{}get out your wallet

docsqualitycars (183) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:06 PM(#13 of 26) 
eBay needs to redesign the listing form with the checklist first. And said checklist would require being selected or an error message would be generated. In other words no skipping over the list.

This in not a magazine or deal. Deals are closed using this site and the transaction is a binding contract. eBay needs to take there heads out of the sand and take responsibility for there site! This we are only a venue crud is getting old!

If this site is to survive and thrive changes are needed now! I do not think the credibility can get much lower than it is!


bubsboy5 (169) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:10 PM(#14 of 26) 
I like your idea Doc, but as I've mentioned on this board before, it would be nice if eBay would "Pre-approve" bidders for a certain amount as a maximum bid (like the quality auction houses do). This way you don't have people bidding up auctions that are clearly deadbeats with no possible way to afford the vehicle they are bidding on.

docsqualitycars (183) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:11 PM(#15 of 26) 
Danegeld, sorry i did not catch your last comment.

A simple choice of Unknown or N/A could be addred to the list of choices per question.

Unknown = Buyer Beware!


docsqualitycars (183) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:17 PM(#16 of 26) 
Bubsboy5, Anyone bidding on a car should be validated by ID Verification or Credit Card! I don't care if they are bidding on a 100.00 Chevette!

Anyone that bids / wins a vehicle should be an Adult! and Verification will ensure this and also stop the ease of shill accounts being set up.


bubsboy5 (169) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:26 PM(#17 of 26) 
Glad to hear you agree Doc! I actually was verified at Barrett & Jackson in Scottsdale in 1998. It took all of 5-10 minutes. When I got my bidders ID, my maximum was printed on the ID card that hung from my neck so the floor person/bidding assistant could see what my maximum was. I really don't think eBay Motors will survive if something like this isn't implemented SOON!

docsqualitycars (183) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:42 PM(#18 of 26) 
We have been asking for bidder verification for Years Now!

But with all the Fees eBay has been collecting it was ignored! Even the stinkin Hoooo requires a credit card on file to bid on Anything!

eBay like the bum bidders because they collect more fees if the vehicle is relisted! And that needs to change!


danegeld (346) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:48 PM(#19 of 26) 
votes doc in 04

bubsboy5 (169) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:48 PM(#20 of 26) 
Well as you know, this is my first at eBay Motors. I know if I owned a car lot, I won't even consider listing cars here without some sort of verification. If they (eBay) doesn't start it soon, it'll be their demise.

65mustang271 (56) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:49 PM(#21 of 26) 
This comes to mind...if ebay is in this for the long haul, this and other things need done to get crediblity back.....with credibilty back, sellers will come back,and NPB's and shills will fade away in time......if they are only in it for the fees,and to raise the value of the stock for a "quick" sale(say PROFIT) down the road, then no matter what we suggest to them,it will never happen....the ball is in their court on this,and its up to the powers that be to get serious,hunker down and make this a truly great site....

danegeld (346) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:56 PM(#22 of 26) 
they wont fix anything til the profits sag then and only then will change happen it will never be to late for htem becuse they have dominance in the market

rs69cam777 (229) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 05:17 PM(#23 of 26) 
"This in not a magazine or deal. Deals are closed using this site and the transaction is a binding contract. eBay needs to take there heads out of the sand and take responsibility for there site! This we are only a venue crud is getting old!"

Good points Doc,

danegeld (346) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 07:06 PM(#24 of 26) 
I saw an old listing of yours today
Scammer pretended to be you, I didn't quite know what to say
Heard they've been making the rounds 'round here
While Frustrations have been trying to make honest dealers disappear

Now I'm almost over you, I've almost shook these blues
So when you come back around after defrauding the town
You'll see I'm almost over you...

You're such a sly one with your cold, cold heart
Maybe once profits came easy, but now they come far apart
Time heals all deficits they say and I should know
'Cause it seems like forever, but I'm letting you go


I can forgive you and soon I'll forget all my shattered dreams
Although you left me with nothing to show, full of misery

( chorus )Ebay

When you come back around, after defrauding the town
You'll see I'm almost over you...

thank you miss Easton

bubsboy5 (169) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 07:47 PM(#25 of 26) 
I received this email a little bit ago...

bubsboy5 (169) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 02:10 PM(#14 of 24)

I like your idea Doc, but as I've mentioned on this board before, it would be nice if eBay would "Pre-approve" bidders for a certain amount as a maximum bid (like the quality auction houses do). This way you don't have people bidding up auctions that are clearly deadbeats with no possible way to afford the vehicle they are bidding on.

bubsboy5, you are wrong. once an auction reaches $15,000 a bidder must be verified with a credit card, so ebay is doing the same as auction houses do.

This is NOT the same as what an auction house does. eBay runs a credit card to see if this is a real person but NOT to see if the bidder has the actual capital/credit to complete the transaction. Sothebys, Christys, Barrett-Jackson pre-qualifies the bidders funds. In other words you KNOW that a bidder can and will complete the transaction.


life-is-a-beach! (287) (view author's auctions)
06/14/04 08:00 PM(#26 of 26) 
You guys and girls have WAY to much time on your hands. eBay never has nor never will listen. It was tried and tested many years ago and quite frankly I wouldn't give them 1 minute of my time for any amount of $. I've wasted enough time with eBayMotors and quite frankly don't give a hoot if it does sink.

Buying low eBay stock then selling when it rises is the only way I see to make any $ here.

Either play 'Simon Says' or jump ship


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